Like Witches of Macbeth, They Stir the Brew In Washington


by Joanne Moudy

Content Warning: Profanity (Quoted in context)

As the curtains draw back on the opening scene from Macbeth, thunder and lightning erupt casting a wildly eerie glow over center stage. Through the stormy mist, three gnarly witches can be seen cackling over a huge black caldron while they stir their deadly brew. Vapors spill forth from the boiling potion while the three hags utter their evil spells.

Even after 400 years, Shakespeare nailed it. Then as now, corrupt politicians use whatever it takes – like black magic (or presidential mandates) to control the lives of others and manipulate political power to change destiny.

Nowhere is this more glaringly obvious than among the radical feminists in leadership. While they may not actually be hovering over a steaming caldron, there is no doubt they stir a nasty brew. So witch which three are the ringleaders?

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