Like IRS, NSA, Benghazi, and ISIS, the Border Crisis was Orchestrated


by Erik Rush

Children from Mexico and Central America are literally piling up on our southern border. Some are dying in the desert, dumped by nefarious coyotes who were paid to smuggle them in. Girls as young as 10 are being raped or sold into prostitution by the coyotes.

Those who do make it here are being crowded into makeshift dormitories by beleaguered Border Patrol personnel, and shuttled from city to city as federal authorities try to determine what to do with them. As a result of unsanitary conditions, overcrowding, and stress, these young individuals have presented with a myriad of maladies and communicable diseases.

According to Freedom Outpost:

“The Administration has set up makeshift internment camps, some of which put scores of people in a room the size of a studio apartment. As a result, disease has spread and civilian emergency personnel have been tasked with providing care.

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