What Would You Like to Ask Gov. Christie at CPAC?


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Gov. Chris Christie did not attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last year. The official story is that Christie was not invited because he was open to some form of gun control. But it’s reasonable to suspect that CPAC and Christie both had something to gain but his absence last year. CPAC could placate certain constituencies who are understandably cynical toward Republicans out of the northeast, while Christie could avoid having clips played from the conference during his re-election run. But he’s coming this year just ahead of the mid-term elections and his presidential run in 2016. So what would you like to ask the governor of N.J. –aside from Bridgegate? Until something tangible emerges that says Christie was complicit in the decision to shut down the lanes between N.J. and N.Y. on the George Washington Bridge, I take him at his word. So let’s move onto substance.

Here are a few observations that could find their way into questions when Christie addresses the faithful on Thursday March 6.

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