When Does a Life Have Value?


Let me start with the proverbial poke in the eye…Why does a woman get to play God?

For almost 4 years I have been covering stories about abortion, right to life, and sanctity of life. The common thread is, in every case, the woman holds all the cards. The man has no rights at all. Except when it comes to child support for a baby he didn’t know existed because the mother didn’t think he would make a good father (just a good sex partner) and now, after the baby is born, he needs to pay up for years to come for a few minutes of pleasure, maybe?

The “freedom of choice” people are extremely hypocritical when it comes to this topic. Choice advocates (baby and daddy are excluded from this group) tell you that the mom or the “carrier” has the right to terminate the growth of the “parasite” in their body up to and until the head of the potential human is about to “crown” at 40 weeks. No, third trimester abortion/life-terminations are not legal in all situations but can easily be worked around and are being performed nonetheless.

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