Liberals are Lost on Trump’s Immigration Order as the Courts are About to Prove


It’s obvious and has been demonstrated repeatedly as of late, that the Democrat Party cares less for American citizens than it does for foreign visitors and illegal immigrants.

The Party has also exhibited a willingness to flaunt or outright break the law in doing so.

Being that the Common Constitutionalist is not an actual Constitutional scholar, I cannot say for certain if President Trump’s temporary ban of people from seven foreign nations is or is not Constitutional – anymore than I can say Obama’s was. But I can read…and think.

However, the larger and longer lasting issue is that of illegal immigration, and States and cities refusal to follow federal law. However some would consider this a gray area.

If one were to look to the Constitution, which should always be first consulted, we would see that the word immigration doesn’t appear anywhere. What does is Article I, Section 8, clause 4, which states that, “Congress shall have the Power To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…”

Some would argue that naturalization, which is simply to confer upon another the rights and privileges of a citizen, is not synonymous with immigration, and indeed it is not. Therefore the task of admitting immigrants into the country falls to each State under the Ten Amendment.

I am a Tenth Amendment guy, and as such will come down in favor of States’ Rights vs. the Federal leviathan. But in this particular case, I’m going to have to side with the feds. It is they who should be in charge of who gains access to our country – not the States.

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