Liberals Just Never Grew Up


by Rodney Lee

Liberals are really just kids that have not grown up yet.

Tell them the cold hard facts of the situation and they turn red, stomp their feet, make faces and scream; “I hate you!”

.. Problem is, you can’t tell a liberal to go to their room and stay there until they settle down.

Parents with children know all too well those childish behaviors, that immature mentality and those irresponsible habits – because we deal with them every day. As a child grows up, some begin to realize why it was a bad idea to “eat glue” or “stick forks in a toaster.” They understand their parents are only looking out for their best interest and these kids turn into conservatives. The ones that don’t turn into “Liberals” with a capital “L”.

One of the most oft-used tactics of both children and Liberals to get what they want is to try to force us to compromise. They become masters at it very quickly, setting their demands unreasonably high so that when you settle anywhere in the middle, they still win.

Republicans don’t understand this. They begin negotiating at the point where they want to end up at – then move toward total failure, eventually giving the Liberal (child) nearly everything they want.

Republicans are the bad parents in this political world and Liberals are the spoiled kids.

Liberals scream that compromise is the only fair way to legislate and say that everyone needs to give “a little” to make things “fair.” This is a lie, because they’re never giving an inch if they can help it and will take everything unless forced not to. They believe in equality of outcomes, which is a Marxist tenet and a fallacy. “Equal under the Law” is the only true equality, but that would mean everyone must compete and the child Liberal squirms when they hear that word.

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