Liberals Hyperventilate: Religious Accommodation Spells Anarchy!


by Benny Huang

Last week’s narrow victory for religious freedom is still causing heads to explode on the political Left. An MSNBC poll found that one hundred percent of its viewers opposed the decision that permits “closely held” businesses not to provide birth control coverage if doing so violates their owners’ sincerely held religious beliefs.

The case centered on the Hobby Lobby chain of craft shops which voluntarily offers sixteen types of birth control in its health coverage but refuses four others because they can induce abortions. The company is owned by the Green family, who are observant Christians.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the likes of NARAL, NOW, and the Daily Kos is more of the same hysterical overreaction they have to everything. They seem worried that if we allow any religious exemption to any law, no matter how small, then everyone will cite “sincerely held religious belief” whenever the law inconveniences them. Anarchy will then ensue and the whole world will end.

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