As Liberals Gain More and More Power — We Lose America


by Angel Rodriguez

As the days pass, we experience more and more intervention in our lives from the government. As I understand it, we are a free republic, but as time passes by, I feel less and less free. Could it be that actually having this much “freedom” in reality handcuffs us or is it, in fact, that our leaders are just ridiculous whack jobs? I think I’ll go with the latter.

Let’s talk about some of these politically-correct terms, then, shall we? Let us also discuss how our freedoms are being restricted by those in power.

Let’s talk about color, for instance. When talking about anyone who is black, if I use the term “black” to describe a person, in contrast to African American, apparently I’m a racist and a bigot. Frankly, I think this is politically-correct b.s at its finest; this has no bearing whatsoever on whether I am, or I am not a racist. If I’m describing someone who has very dark skin, I’m going to refer to them as black, if I’m describing someone who is very light skin, I’ll describe them as white. Unless I specifically know where the person is from – then I’ll be specific. I happen to be Puerto Rican; does that mean that you must describe me as native Indian, African and Spaniard with more Spaniard attributes because of where my ancestors are from? No, you are either African, American, African American for actual Africans who are American or black if it is already implied we are talking about Americans. Spare me the politically-correct rhetoric. I’m not buying what you are selling.

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