Liberals fear the gun because liberals fear themselves


Joseph Goebbels believed that if a lie could be told often enough, the public could be brought to believe it. In his mind, the bigger and more outrageous the lie the better, because it would be easier to discredit those who would call it out for being untrue. Today, we are certainly being forced to live under the pretense of outrageous fabrications, and the consequences of such vagrant falsehoods will surely show their ugly heads. One of these deliberate distortions of truth is the notion that gun free zones keep us safe, and if everyone would just do the compassionate thing and turn in their guns, there would be no more violence. That in and of itself is such an obvious misrepresentation of what we know about gun violence; however, it’s one of many misperceptions of reality that are all intertwined with one another, further complicating the situation. To get to the real heart of the problem you have to understand the liberal world view.

Too often, we as conservatives allow us to get dragged into the gun debate by responding to contemptible accusations. Liberals tend to be very emotional, and as a result they allow the argument to be directed by their alleged empathy as they do little more than blame the gun, and the conservative supposedly holding it. We respond, (and this humbled author is guilty of it too) by citing factual statistics concerning firearm use in self defense situations. We believe that we can reason with a human being pushing an agenda, while also in a heightened, fanatical state. We understand that the typical liberal believes that more gun control will solve the problem. On the other hand, what we fail to comprehend is the root of their belief system which drives them to act in the irrational manner in which they do. This belief system incidentally, is also one of the big lies permeating our society, and affecting the way we live our lives. This belief system is humanism, or atheism.
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