Liberals Don’t Really Want Diversity


by David L. Goetsch

America is the most diverse nation in the world. People from all over the globe have come to America seeking freedom, liberty, and opportunity. This diversity can be a valuable asset or a costly liability. The difference comes in how we handle it. All Americans have a stake in the diversity of our population being handled in a way that makes it an asset. Unfortunately, that is not happening. Why? Because liberals don’t really want diversity. Liberals make a lot of noise about diversity, but their actions belie their words. What liberals really want vis-à-vis diversity is to be seen as champions of racial and ethnic groups. An unbiased reader might reasonably ask how I come to such a conclusion. It’s simple. I ignore the flowery words of liberals on this topic and, instead, focus on their actions. Consider just a few of the actions that reveal where liberals really stand on the subject of diversity:

– Liberals promote and adopt government policies that force people who fill out forms, applications, and other documents to self-identify on the basis of race and ethnicity as well as other diversity-related factors.
– Liberals undermine the foundational beliefs set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, beliefs that could give diverse peoples some important common ground.
– Liberals work hard to prevent the establishment of a common language in America (i.e. English) in spite of the fact that sharing a common language is the most effective factor known for bringing diverse peoples together.
– Liberals view people as members of racial and ethnic groups as opposed to viewing them as individuals.
– Liberals enact federal government programs that are open only to minorities.

America’s founders had the right idea when they coined our national motto: E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one). However, our founders could not possibly have anticipated how liberals would twist, distort, and undermine this concept. Specifically, our founders could not have anticipated the federal government making self-segregation the norm when filling out forms, responding to the national census, or applying for jobs. How can diverse groups of Americans possibly come together as one when their government forces them to self-segregate according to race and ethnicity? Liberals have transformed America’s motto from E Pluribus Unum to E Unum Pluribus.

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