Liberals Bemoan Cheating Scandals in Education – But They Are The Culprits


Education at all levels is awash in cheating scandals, and liberals have worked themselves into a self-righteous dither as they bemoan the lack of integrity in students and teachers. For example, recently teachers and principals in the Atlanta public school system were convicted of fraud and taken away in handcuffs to serve prison sentences. Their crime? Giving students the answers on standardized tests and/or changing the answers once tests had been submitted. Even the most prestigious universities in the nation are not immune to cheating. A recent headline off the Associated Press wire read, “Unusual amount of cheating suspected at Stanford.”

There is no question that America has developed a cheating culture. As a college professor, cheating is the most common and persistent student problem my colleagues and I have to deal with. Using smart phones to Google the answers on tests, plagiarism, buying term papers on-line, photographing exams and texting them to friends, and purchasing homework from Internet sites are all common cheating strategies students use frequently. In fact, if some students put half as much effort into studying as they do into cheating they would become star students.   When students are caught there is no shame and no remorse, except the remorse they feel over having gotten caught.

As interesting as the cheating phenomenon is, what is even more interesting—not to mention ironic—is to hear liberals hypocritically denouncing America’s cheating culture as if they had nothing to do with creating it. What liberals in their self-absorbed blindness either do not see or refuse to admit is that they are the culprits in the transformation of American society into a culture that admits of no set boundaries concerning right and wrong. Moral relativism is the bedrock principle of contemporary liberalism. It’s is how they justify their commitment to abortion, the redistribution of wealth, and the various other nefarious beliefs of the left.

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