Liberals Have Made Christians and Churches Easy Targets


The motive in the Charleston church shooting seems to be about the shooter’s perverted view of race. As a result, the media are calling it a racial “hate crime” and that the alleged shooter Dylann Roof was mentally ill, a common way to explain murderous acts these days. It’s all about brain circuitry.

Andrew Sandlin comments:

“I’m hearing even conservative commentators offer as the most obvious explanation for the Charleston, SC church murders that the perpetrator was ‘mentally deranged’ or ‘mentally unhinged’ — words similar to those liberals often use to describe ISIS. Apparently, it’s no longer possible for such people to be simply wicked, godless, and depraved. A secular age loses any moral lexicon.”

We live in a morally toxic culture where few people are willing to identify the toxin because they don’t believe it exists. Sin and moral corruption are passé. There is no longer a discernable and identifiable moral center in our world. The new word is “fluidity.” What was once thought to be immoral is now a virtue. Why is anything right or wrong? A person can be whatever he or she wants to be even when it’s contrary to all rational thought.

While there is certainly a racial aspect to the murders of nine blacks that took place in a church during a prayer meeting that the alleged murderer attended, there is also a religious component that few people are noting or want to note. The murders took place in a Christian church. Not at a nightclub. Not on a playground. Not at a black-owned business.
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