Liberal Tennessean Twists Truth into Lies


by Victoria Jackson

Jaime Page, journalist for The Tennessean, spent three hours in my home doing a “profile” on me. He partially told the truth. But, I have to set the record straight, because he twisted the truth to give my story his liberal bias.

(The video of me speaking is accurate, although edited, those were the actual words that came out of my mouth.)

First of all, nice choice of photo. You could not have chosen an uglier photo. I wonder if the photo editor is a liberal…

The first paragraph is a lie. I did not write an article when a Muslim moved into my neighborhood. I would never do that. I wrote the article “Civilization Jihad Hits Home” when a friend told me a Muslim I’d never met named Daoud Abudiab had posted a FB and mentioned me. He insinuated in his post that I am dangerous to him. See story here. So, I responded.

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