Liberal Pundit Rachel Maddow Tries to Shock Trump with Taxes but Trump Gets the Last Laugh


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow thought she had a major scoop on Tuesday. She thought she was about to broadcast the show of her life, the show that would etch her name in broadcasting history, the show that would make her a household name and destroy Donald Trump’s presidency at the same time. Instead, Maddow ended up with egg on her face, getting scooped by other agencies and reinforcing the idea that Donald Trump is a respectable businessman and a patriotic American.

A few hours before her show on Tuesday Maddow teased liberals by tweeting out that she had gotten hold of Trump’s tax returns and would be revealing them on her show…

Of course, her fans quickly went insane with hope and expectation.

But her fans were getting their hopes up for no reason because shortly before her show most of the American news media also got copies of Trump’s 2005 tax returns, rendering her big reveal moot. Though it wasn’t all for naught because we got to watch Rachel Maddow disappoint millions of liberals when she finally revealed that President Trump had paid a much higher tax rate than they could have imagined.

And conservatives laughed…

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