Liberal News Site to Launch “Islamophobia” Tracker


If you needed another reason to avoid the liberal media outlet, Huffington Post, here you go. As reports:

It is not strange that some view others fear as irrational. Some people are afraid of Spiders. These creatures are vastly smaller and less intelligent than the individual who fears them, but they cannot control the fear they feel. But no one would say that a person locked in a room full of Black Widows was being irrational.

It would be apparent to any observer that the individual in the room would have good reason to suspect they were in danger. And we in America might feel some of the same concerns as more and more Muslims move into our cities and towns.

Now, I in no way mean to insinuate that Muslims are like spiders. Rather, I want to draw the parallel between irrational and rational fear. The idea that one is fearful of a group that has repeatedly committed violence in the name of their religion makes people afraid of that religion is not irrational.

But Huffington Post thinks that it is. They wish to keep a list of those who they believe have fallen into the trap of fearing people irrationally.

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