Liberal Lunacy: Protecting Animals Not People


Wouldn’t it be nice if liberals would stop hugging trees long enough to hug a few people? Wouldn’t it be nice if liberals were as interested in protecting people as they are in protecting animals? On a recent trip to the mountains I got an up-front-and-personal glimpse of the upside down world of liberal logic. We were staying in a cabin on a lake in an area brimming with deer. Some of the people staying in the various cabins in the vicinity fed the deer corn and other treats. As a result the deer had grown accustomed to simply traveling from cabin to cabin to get their daily bread, so to speak. Each morning we awoke to the sounds of 25 or more deer pawing the ground impatiently and practically demanding to be fed.

There were “Please-Do-Not-Feed-the-Deer” signs everywhere with long explanations from various groups with names like “Save the Deer Foundation” warning that feeding the deer will make them dependent. These groups are concerned that if the deer become accustomed to being fed by people they will lose their desire and their ability to fend for themselves. Members of these groups drive around looking for people feeding the deer so they can lecture them on the evils of dependency. I noticed that most of these save-the-deer types had Obama bumper stickers on their cars and little symbols with the word “co-exist.”

How ironic it is that liberals who want to save the deer from dependency have no qualms about making people dependent by giving them welfare and other government entitlements. I agree with these tree-hugging liberals that feeding the deer will make them dependent. Where we disagree is in how this same rule of thumb applies to people. Liberals may be looney and they may be ignorant, but they are not stupid. They know that government entitlements make people dependent. In fact, that is their goal. Dependent people are easier to lead by the nose, they are more politically compliant. They vote in blocs for those who provide their sustenance.

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