Liberal Journalist Admits Media is Lying to Make Trump Look Bad


Liberal journo Glenn Greenwald is sick and tired of the mainstream media playing fast and loose with the truth. He’s so upset that he’s even appearing on Fox News to expose the mainstream media for what it is… a gang of hypocritical liars. The media has been attacking conservatives for publishing so called “fake news” while they simultaneously publish stories that are complete falsehoods.

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Tucker Carlson: The Washington Post has spent months howling about ‘fake news’ rigging the U.S. election. Now The Post has been caught publishing its own fake news, once again. The D.C.’s paper of record published a bogus story last week saying Russia hacked the U.S. electrical grid. The story was totally discredited, but not before it spread across the globe. Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald has been spanking The Post like the bad little paper it is… So what exactly did The Post write that wasn’t true?

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