Liberal Harvard Faculty Learns Hard Lesson About Obamacare


I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this headline in the Washington Times: “Harvard faculty, previously pro-Obamacare, up in arms over health cost hikes.” On one hand I wanted to laugh at these liberal professors—every one of whom is an Obama supporter and was, until recently, an Obamacare supporter. On the other hand I wanted to shake my head in disgust at their naivety and ask, “How could so many supposedly bright people be so dense? People who are not blinded by political bias or blind party loyalty have been warning Americans about higher insurance premiums from the outset.” In the final analysis, rather than laugh or cry I decided to use this column to give the faculty members at Harvard some badly needed reality checks.

The first reality the Harvard faculty failed to grasp is that supporting Barack Obama’s campaign for the purpose of making a socio-cultural statement about race in America without even asking if he would make a good president was just plain dumb. Dumb is hardly a word one would expect to see applied to Harvard professors, but dumb is the perfect descriptor in this case because it is certainly dumb for smart people to allow their judgment to be clouded by political bias and their critical thinking skills to be overshadowed by leftwing presuppositions. Even a high school dropout knows that the job of President of the United States is too important to be used for making a cultural statement; no matter how worthy that statement might be.
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