Liberal Elites are “Tolerant” of Everyone Except Christians


Any time you hear a liberal use the term “tolerance” be assured that what is really meant is “conformity.” Liberals will tolerate anyone and anything as long as it conforms to their way of thinking or somehow promotes their nefarious agenda. Consequently, liberal elites just cannot abide the beliefs of old-fashioned, Bible-believing Christians. I use the term “old-fashioned” here because many Churches today have been invaded by liberals whose views range far from the tenets of Holy Scripture. In too many churches these days, the congregations follow the ever-changing trends of society rather than the unchanging laws of God. However, even with the watering down of Christianity in America, nothing gets the goat of liberal elites faster than someone who openly espouses Christian doctrine rather than meekly accepting leftwing dogma.

Tolerance is the favorite word of liberal elites in contemporary American society. What tolerance is supposed to mean is openness to differences—differences for example in such things as race, gender, politics, religion, and opinion. But what the term has come to mean in actual practice is something much different. In fact, tolerance is just liberal code for conformity and, the beliefs that tolerant liberals insist everyone else conform to are theirs. Here is what Governor Mike Huckabee has to say about the left’s so-called tolerance of diversity in his new book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy: “If the value of diversity is exposure to multiple points of view to enable the free examination of a full range of ideas, then we are going the wrong way by shutting down those whose beliefs aren’t in sync with the elites. The only beneficiaries: elites who want to stay in power. One wonders if George Orwell was an author or a prophet.”
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