Liberal Bias Alert: Google Goes Gay for Pride Week


I know it comes as no surprise to many readers and fellow young patriots around here that there exists a massive double standard when it comes to the liberal and conservative realms. I’ve covered liberal bias, Obama’s sadly ironic nature, and inequality in the “Equality Movement” before, and it’s to the point that I’m almost tired of reporting such instances – but I continue to cover them because it’s important for people to see the true colors of liberals and liberal-supporting groups.

For this week, Google’s homepage has changed so that whenever a person searches a term related to the GLBT community, the search bar becomes more flamboyant:


Channeling my best performance as Barack Obama in a Press Conference, Let me be clear: this post is not in any way meant to demean or insult the GLBT community. They have every right to have a google theme dedicated to their cause. But there’s a caveat. Google needs to observe other major events, especially US holidays.

Because let’s face it – Google has a doodle or a theme for nearly every day of the year. Don’t believe me? Check out Google’s complete archive of Doodles.

Usually, doodles are fun surprises awaiting you when you log on to your computer in the morning, and many are fitting observances. Some days that are celebrated with a special doodle? Teacher’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Father’s Day, and so on. Google also celebrates some days which are a bit less familiar, such as Adam Frantisek Kollar’s recent 295th birthday, the 160th anniversary of the first passenger train in India, or Cesar Chavez’s 86th birthday.

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