LGBT Movement Stoops to New Lows


Awhile back, Clash discussed the affirmative action-like policies regarding having LGBT characters in movies and television series. Such policies continue, and are now headed to a whole new level.

First, there is ABC’s television series Once Upon a Time, in which the show’s creators portrayed Mulan as having feelings for Princess Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) although no relationship had resulted. And just when it seemed like the show would not go any further down that road, in a later episode Red Riding Hood becomes Dorothy Gale’s true love, even kissing Dorothy to awaken her from a sleeping curse. Such a decision to have a lesbian story was because the show’s creators wanted to appeal (or perhaps appease) the viewers from the gay community. Since Once Upon a Time was supposed to be a family series with the various Disney and other story book characters, many viewers had decided to stop watching the show.

Next, there is the sequel to Disney’s Frozen, in which a petition has been going around calling for the movie’s main character Elsa to be a lesbian. Hopefully, the petition will not succeed. And if it does succeed, then Frozen 2 will be a disaster, because many people do not want their children to see Disney characters have same-sex relationships.

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