LGBT is “Choice” Says Ex-lesbian Mayor de Blasio’s Wife


A little known secret hushed outside of New York City and not echoed by the media is the Mayor’s wife was “born” a Lesbian but changed her sexual preference when she met de Blasio. This one aspect of her past life has thus far remained out of the public’s eye. An advocate for equality, Chirlane McCray identified herself as a lesbian for over 14 years and had several long-term relationships with other women before meeting her lawmaker husband and now New York City’s Mayor.

She wrote for the September 1979 issue of Essence magazine a seven-page essay entitled “I am a Lesbian”, it was described as ground breaking for how a black woman discussed her sexuality in a black magazine. The purpose of the essay was to “dispel” the myth that there are no gay black people.

During her husband’s New York City Mayoral campaign the New York Observer exhumed the 1979 Essence article, which McCray at that point, was a member of the black lesbian feminist group called The Combahee River Collective, a landmark group of black, feminist lesbians that was active from 1974 until 1980. The Observer was quick to point out how she renounced her lesbian lifestyle after meeting her husband.

The biography of Ms. McCray on her husband’s campaign website notes her affiliation with the Combahee River Collective, however it [omits any mention]of the group’s [lesbian roots]and simply refers to it as “a pioneering black feminist collective.”
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