Let’s Talk About What’s Important: Fat Barbies


by Carly Hill

Let me just start this off by telling you why talking about morbidly obese barbies is important. This article is not about body image or teen girls – although both of those topics are important. No, this silly Barbie argument is a symptom to a bigger illness our country is suffering.

Our culture has become so afraid to offend and so obsessed with making everyone happy that producing morbidly obese barbie dolls with triple chins is actually a legit discussion happening at news desks.

I’m not some snotty anti-fat person. In fact, I’m not against Barbie dolls with more realistic proportions. That’d be sweet. I don’t think it’s necessary being that little girls who play with little dolls aren’t studying their bodies as much as they’re just mimicking life with human look-a-likes. But, that’s not the conversation.

The conversation is not about making a healthy, thicker Barbie. No. Plus-Size-Modeling.com is suggesting a Barbie doll who looks extremely unhealthy.

If this Plus-size website is really so concerned about body image, they should be encouraging Mattell to produce Barbies who are HEALTHY looking. Being extremely overweight is very unhealthy. It’s damaging to your body and leads to all sorts of diseases and problems that cause DEATH. Being thin is a sign of health. Of course, being too thin is unhealthy too, but being thin should not be considered offensive.

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