Let’s Make FDNY Academy Easy So More People Pass…Huh?!


by Carly Hill

Last October, a Federal judge ordered that the FDNY academy be easier so more people could pass. Although this happened several months ago, I hadn’t seen the headline until recently.

The reasoning for the change in difficulty was pretty logical. I read through the arguments and they weren’t completely bogus. At the midway point of the 18-week training class, 15% of students had dropped out. There were stats. There was support. There was valid reasoning about the history of fire fighting and how things that were requirements 100 years ago, are now irrelevant due to new technology. Heck, I was a teacher for years and I know all about the bell curve. I sure appreciated teachers throwing me a bone back in high school. I’ve always been horrible at math and I can remember our trig teacher giving us a 30 point curve because so many students failed the final exam.

But, I have a problem with this “let’s make it easier” mentality.

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