The Left’s Responsibility for the Real War on Women


by Patti Thornhill

The modern “feminist movement” came from the political left. The mantra in the early days was “keep the government out of my womb.” Abortion and birth control were a means of liberation. Women were told they were as free as men and therefore, just as free to sleep around without stigma, which females were encouraged to do. If you get knocked up, you can always just have an abortion – It’s just a “blob of cells” after all. This will empower you, the feminists preached then. The most important thing to women, so say the Left, is abortion and contraception. Anything else pales to these two items.

First of all, I still can’t understand how is it that this same political ideology that wants the “GOP out of their panties” is now demanding that the government become involved in every aspect of a woman’s health. Not just their panties, but the entire line of clothing. Nothing is off limits. So, do they or do they not support the government’s involvement in their wombs?

Women have bought into this sales pitch since the 1960s. What is the result of the culture of “hook ups” and terminated pregnancies?

What women lost in buying into that lie was security. Most women naturally want security and to “couple up” with someone who will cherish them as a partner. But if women are all practicing availability, then what’s a guy have to commit for? The respect that women should demand is decimated by these planks of the liberal cause; look at the women who serve as “role models” in the so-called “entertainment industry.” Look at how girls are encouraged to dress; I call the most recent fashion trend “hooker chic.” Porn is being normalized as mainstream. Women are being sexually exploited more than ever before. What kind of message is that sending to girls about their value as human beings? There is zero logic for anyone defending any of this as “good for women.”

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