The Left’s Mythical War on Women–Much Bigger than Rush


by Carolyn Elkins

“Either you are a feminist or you are a sexist/misogynist. There is no box marked ‘other.” Ani DiFranco

“I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, because I think there are differences between men and women.” Shania Twain

It seems that the ‘war on women’ is still raging, according to the Democratic National Committee. Funny, but so far none of my friends or I have seen much, unless we count all the times Conservative women have been mocked, degraded or slandered. But everyone knows those don’t count because they’re Conservative women.

So what’s got the DNC’s knickers in a knot now? It seems the latest battle began with a Daily Caller op Ed written by Patrick Howley, in which he wrote that if liberals have their way “men will not be able to look at women’s bodies because that is a terrible thing to do.”

Mr. Howley’s commentary was actually about a scientific study which in part read, “Consistent with our main hypothesis, we found that participants focused on women’s chests and waists more and faces less when they were appearance-focused (vs. personality-focused).”

There was a second wave of attack made by the left in this case as well. This time their sites were set on Rush Limbaugh who had the nerve to talk about this story on his Dec.9th radio broadcast. Rush said, “It is said that men looking at women automatically “objectifies” them, which means puts them down. It means seeing them as less than human beings, that men ‘ogle’ women means that they are not seeing their brains.”

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