Leftist Media: Guilty as Charged!


The one consistency of the Leftist-run media is their aggressive reporting, catered to fit the political agenda of the Democrat Party (or better known these days as the Socialist Party). Not only is the news presented in a blatantly skewed fashion but also any viewpoints that do not support the dogma of the progressives are bashed or ignored. How can the general public of low information voters be expected to make an educated decision and vote accordingly? This is not possible when the news steam engine simply shows one side of the story.

One of the most despicable acts is manipulating a society into one way of thinking. America was founded on the very principles that all citizens have the free will and the prerogative to come to an objective opinion and vote as they see fit. How can this occur when the majority of the news they receive is spoon-fed in one flavor? With that said, there is a portion of society that independently seeks information and does their due diligence. Those people tend to lean center right though. As the late great Ronald Reagan once said, we must “Trust but Verify.” However, there are far too many who have grown lethargic or apathetic to gather facts about candidates and policies, let alone vote.

The demographics that the Leftist Media has managed to manipulate with great ease are the very groups that they keep down rather then lift up, as witnessed following the politically-charged Zimmerman trial. The constant race baiting has done nothing other than perpetuate and drudge up racial tensions that would not have otherwise been on the forefront. What this does is create a division that otherwise would not exist at such an extreme level. Rather than empowering, Blacks, Hispanics, and women are being exploited. This is nothing more then a disguise of their real intent: feeding on the victimization of their plight and appealing to desperation of neediness, creating a country of government-dependent people.

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