Left Wingers Engage in More Terrorism in America than Anyone Else


When it comes to shootings in America, the media never ceases to amaze us. A quick look under “terrorism” on google search engine and the first hits I get are all about the ‎Charleston shooting, trying to paint it as “terrorist” and “right wing.” One Left Wing media says‬ that the shooting “involved the assassination of a state senator and the intentional killing and terrorizing of African Americans. This was a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. It’s really that simple.”

Was it really that simple?

One stupid article, like all the other stupid articles I find, go on and on in trying to wedge in false arguments. They even argue for a new definition for the word “terrorism” by twisting and bending definitions to only conclude:

“Bottom line is that if we want to save American lives, we need to address all forms of terrorism. We need to dedicate government resources to counter right wing terror plots as well as those connected to ISIS or Al Qaeda.”

All this persistence on twisting definitions without even first defining what is “right wing,” which they are now trying to portray as “terrorist.”

Such a conclusion ignores that “right wing” has nothing to do with “terrorism” and more to do with a “conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system.” The term “right wing” has been used to refer to a number of different political positions throughout history. In the United States, “right-wing,” for the most part, is an integral part of the conservative “movement” in the U.S. It is the major factor—and often dominant—in American politics in the Age of Reagan since 1980.

The original use of “right-wing” was in reference to communism, where we had the conservatives on the Right, the liberals in the center, and the communists on the Left. But the continual shift by the media to paint any local maniac with a KKK mindset, as ‘right wing’ never stopped.

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