Left Tries to Smear Gov. Scott Walker (But They Are Guilty of Their Own Charges)


by Abigail Adams

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is running for reelection this year, and the mainstream media has brought in all of their power against him by accusing him of “nationwide effort to mobilize a network of independent groups considered crucial to his recall victory.” Notice that nothing is “alleged”; the MSM states their accusations as facts, all the while leaving out all the facts.

In June 2012 Gov. Scott was victorious against recall efforts, thus becoming the first governor in history to survive a recall election. Regarding the current charges by the press, he stated that he has been cleared of all charges; in fact, says Gov. Walker, “two judges, in both state and federal courts, have ruled that no laws were broken.” Gregory A. Peterson, a judge overseeing the investigation, quashed subpoenas, saying he had found no probable cause of campaign finance violations.

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