Left Hypes Witch-Hunt Terrors Over Trump’s Climate-Policy Spending Questions


The Fake News left has a theme going.  In light of Howard Portnoy’s report from earlier today, on the weak-sauce allegation that Trump pressured Kuwait to move an event to a Trump hotel, it’s no surprise that the suspect in this case is, once again, ThinkProgress.

The theme is a different one, however.

According to this theme, the incoming Trump administration is inaugurating witch hunts against climate experts and others who deal in science-related policy in the federal agencies.

How is Team Trump mounting this malevolent effort? By asking question about how money is being spent by the agencies, and who is working on what.

In the latest nefarious move, the Trump transition team has asked the State Department to detail its expenditures on international environmental groups and foreign climate programs.

This McCarthyite probe has outlets like ThinkProgress beside themselves.  Lest readers fail to understand the danger here, TP introduces it with a title and slug conveying dark-alley menace:

Trump transition presses another government agency about its climate spending

This time it’s the State Department that is under the microscope.

If I may, a few of points of order.

1. The taxpayers are paying for this.

2. The State Department is an executive department that works for the president.

3. The American people just elected Trump as president, expecting that he would govern policy in the federal executive branch.

So…exactly what is the problem here?

To its credit, the actual U.S. State Department (as opposed to its breathless defenders in the leftosphere) acknowledges that Trump has every right to this information.  Michael Bastasch at the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The State Department…said the transition team’s questions were “legitimate.”

“They are legitimately looking at the organization of things here at Foggy Bottom, and asking responsible questions about how the State Department is organized, how it’s resourced, how it’s managed, and trying to get a handle on the organization they will inherit in a few weeks,” an anonymous official told the Post. “It’s legitimate. It’s normal. It’s responsible. If they weren’t doing it, you’d be asking questions.”

An earlier kerfuffle arose over a questionnaire reportedly sent to the Department of Energy for the Trump team.  Trump’s people actually disavowed the questionnaire, but in light of our points of order above, there was nothing wrong with it to begin with.  Trump had the right to know everything asked in the questionnaire.

Still, hysterical climate researchers, ably abetted by ThinkProgress and other left-wing sites, took it to mean that Trump was going to come in with a bulldozer and destroy all their work.

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