Leading Ladies: Conservative Women in Hollywood


Hollywood – not exactly the place you think of when listing off conservative strongholds.

It’s the place where some of the biggest double standards regarding liberal vs. conservative policies appear.

One night, people like Jaime Foxx lament the fact that people in America are allowed to have “military-style assault weapons,” then the next attends the premier for his latest gory flick, Django Unchained.

It’s where President Obama goes to wine and dine the richest in the entertainment industry, while demonizing the upper class business owners who do well on their own.

It’s not an easy place to be a conservative, that’s for sure.

Yet there are some incredibly strong women who don’t follow the Californian anti-conservative culture. Instead, they think for themselves, fight for the principles they believe in, all the while being successful actresses, mothers, and wives. Here’s some more on two of my favorite conservative women warriors in Hollywood: Melissa Joan Hart and Patricia Heaton.

Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton

When she’s not playing Frankie Heck on The Middle or Debra Barone opposite Ray Romano on Everybody Loves Raymond, Heaton is an outspoken conservative Christian who’s taken plenty of heat for her opinions from fellow industry insiders. In the past she’s defended conservative radio celebrity Rush Limbaugh during the Sandra Fluke hearings regarding free government-provided birth control, and even added her own comments on the issue. She’s a strong advocate for the unborn, and for protecting all life – she gained media attention in 2005 when she voiced her support for keeping Terri Schiavo alive. Heaton’s most recent effort has been centered around the campaign to free Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani from Iranian prison, where he currently awaits the death penalty. She also supports her fellow conservative actresses, such as the second on this list, Melissa Joan Hart.

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