Do the laws apply to each and everyone?


Recognizing the wholly transparent Left-bend of the Los Angeles Times, a comment in a staff writer’s recent article about the Hobby Lobby religious freedom case was catching.

For some background, Hobby Lobby is owned by an openly religious family who refuses to succumb to Obama’s Affordable Care Act mandates they must provide birth control and abortion products to their employees.

While it’s the Green family that practices the religious beliefs; four years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in the Citizens United case that corporations have full freedom of speech rights (in election campaigns). Thus, Hobby Lobby is arguing that it can hold the same religious beliefs too. Naturally Obama and Co. are not going to let that happen so as of March 25th, Obama’s Solicitor General is off arguing all of the dastardly things that could happen if Hobby Lobby prevails.

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