Land of The Banned And Home Of The Thought Slaves


Last Thursday I returned from two weeks in Africa only to be fish-slapped with the fact that gay marriage is now law and The Dukes of Hazzard has been banned. Way to drop the ball while I’m out hunting.

By the way, I shot a massive, old male lion. Someone tweet that to snaggle-toothed Ricky Gervais and let’s watch him try to get me banned. Have him send his vociferations to me at [email protected] Gracias.

America has officially morphed into a prissy, little, over-offended brat now, hasn’t it? No offense to prissy, little, over-offended brats, of course.

I, for one, hate this pusillanimous glide path brought on by the uber-sensitive thought police.

Nowadays, if the “tolerant” Left doesn’t like someone or something, then dammit … ban it. This type of control is kind of reminiscent of the psychological vice-grip applied to the Germans by Adolf in Nazi Deutschland.

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