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One of my greatest benefits, as I see it, that I received from serving in the U.S. Army was getting to meet so many wonderful people from all over the country and the world. I find myself looking back on random times and events from my days in service, and every now and then the thought of ‘I wonder where they are now?’ will pop into my mind.

Recently, I’ve reconnected with a beautiful young lady I served with in Iraq in 2008-09. We’ve been chatting a bit about our lives, post war, and I decided to interview her for this month’s ‘Ladies of Liberty’ piece. Ladies and gentlemen, it is an extreme honor of mine to introduce you to Iraq War veteran, Miss Ashley Jacobsen. Ashley is twenty five years old, single, and is currently working in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor with Academi, the company formerly known as Black Water. Below is the text of our interview:

KL- When and why did you join the military?

AJ- In 2007 I decided to either stay in my small town or to branch off and do something a little bit different than the others from my area. I grew up in a tiny, one stop light town where the majority of the 800 citizens had all come from the k-12 school located in the center of our town. Mossyrock, WA wasn’t known for much, so when my best friend at the time asked me if I wanted to be a small town hero or a small town zero, I ended up taking the road straight to my local WA Army National Guard (WAANG) recruiting station to do something about my future. If I enlisted in the active WAANG, I could choose to be close enough to my family to still take care of them, and not so far away that I’d have to spend holiday seasons alone.

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