Kool-Aid Anyone?


Last night I had an invite to stop by and have a drink with our neighbors. Things were going great until they found out I write for a conservative blog when both their attitudes changed.

The husband, a retired aerospace engineer, was immediately hostile and started his spiel about how “educated” Obama was and how Obama “gets blamed for things that aren’t his fault”. Despite telling them that I sometimes trash both sides of the aisle, he was still defensive. (This is probably due to the fact that the husband is so much more intelligent than anyone else on the planet and knows everything about everything, tending to make him very dismissive…) He would ask a question but then wouldn’t let anyone answer it. Of course he later had the nerve to say he “loves debate”…

His wife, although a Kool-Aid drinker like her husband, is very sweet and at least seemed to listen. I was asked about everything from Obamacare, abortion and my opinion about certain members of Congress. I managed to get a few sentences, which completely shocked the wife—especially telling them that many members of Congress were card carrying communist party members.

Later, the wife and I snuck outside to have a cigarette (she hides her smokes from her husband). Asking my opinion about abortion, I reminded her that if women choose that option, the taxpayers should not have to pay for it, nor for their birth control. She agreed this was wrong. I told her about when I used to work for Boston City Hospital and how black women were getting Laminaria abortions midterm pregnancy. Part of my job was to put the little fetuses into a plastic bag and then into a Chinese food type of container with the patient’s name to be sent to the lab. I told her about how they used abortion as birth control and that I believe this to be genocide.

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