Know Any Bronies? – Straight Men Who Like ‘My Little Pony’


by Carly Hill

This week, we’ve been scratching our heads over the uproar surrounding a little boy and his My Little Pony backpack. Annnd…it’s not surprising that said kid was bullied by his classmates at school. So, how’d the school handle it? The principal told the boy he couldn’t bring it anymore, as it was a disturbance in his class.

Mom got mad that rather than going after the bullies, the school went after her son and his…peculiar…taste in TV shows.

I published a reader’s response to this news story on Wednesday and one of our Facebook fans replied,

“Wow. I’m fairly offended by this. I’m a Poolie in the delayed entry program of the USMC, and a proud Brony. I am not gay, or metro. I’m pretty conservative in my beliefs, I like guns, hunting, etc. Just because somebody likes a show and wants the merchandise for it, doesn’t make him weak, or gay, or girlie.”

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