Who Knew? Democrats Kill More People


by S.C. Sherman

Image via RoidRanger / Shutterstock.com

Recently Piers Morgan solved the supposed gun problem for us, again. Thanks, Piers. He noticed that all of the psychos who go blasting away at our innocent citizenry are young males. In a fit of logic he declared another brilliant idea. Maybe we should make it illegal for anyone under 25 to have a gun? Yeah, and watch the hypocrisy of eighteen-year-old soldiers being treated as children grow. I still have a problem with the drinking age discrepancy there, but I digress. So Piers’ theory is that youth and masculinity is our problem. Not race or magazine capacity or evil looking “assault” weapons or poverty…nope…now we must persecute the young and the male. As if that group isn’t under enough emasculation let’s keep them from the access to weaponry guaranteed by our Constitution.

His idea that the gun problem as he sees it can be compartmentalized into a demographic stereotype and controlled is scary. It harkens along the lines of the old movie and cult classic Minority Report arresting young men for their future crimes.

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