Kindergartner Suspended for Using a Stick as a Toy Gun


The coddling of American children has reached unbelievable new heights this week as a kindergartner comes face to face with the liberal imagination police.

There have been countless stories regarding with wussification of America in recent years, all spurred on by the new leftist mantra of keeping the children “safe”.  Not safe from injury, mind you, that’s an entirely different sort of animal as science catches up with medicine and technology, allowing us to create more efficient helmets and sport equipment.

No, this new focus on safety that is emanating from the fringes of the liberal movement has more to do with what they believe are stimuli that could cause mental health concerns later in life.  Once again, this is putting the cart before the horse as far as semantics go.  This is not about mental health in a medical sense.  This is about not allowing our children to experience the world around them for what it is.

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