Kiev, Ukraine: Painful Lessons That We Need to Pay Attention To


by Mark Mayberry

I had an article planned out for this week and I was just about to sit down and type it out a few days ago when I happened to turn on a live feed from Kiev, Ukraine. What I saw there left me without words. Since then I have been watching the live feed from Ukraine nonstop. I watched Wednesday night right into the early hours of Thursday morning as the demonstrators leaped from their barricades and rushed the police lines. I watched for hours as snipers ravaged the hoards of oncoming people and the bodies were dragged back to the makeshift medical units. I saw doctors giving CPR in vain right there on the street.

Regardless of who you think is right and who you think is wrong, this is a tragedy of hellish proportions. The estimates vary on how many have lost there lives in the last few days but the conservative numbers put it around seventy and most likely higher.

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