The Kids from Homosexual Marriages Are Not All Right


It’s almost a foregone conclusion that researchers who compare children raised by heterosexual parents to those raised by a homosexual one will be vilified, harassed, and professionally targeted. An amicus brief filed with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals might explain why.

In their own words, four of these adult children are breaking their silence in an official court document about how growing up with s changed their lives. At a time when the Left is desperately trying to prove that all families are the same, these stories — from the powerful to the painful — speak for themselves.

With moving testimonies, the “quartet of truth” bravely pulls back the curtain on the grief and confusion that marked their childhoods without a mom or dad. B.N. Klein remembers growing up “with a parent and her partners in an atmosphere in which gay ideology was used as a tool of repression, retribution and abuse.” In a house where the bedroom was more like a revolving door, she felt more like a “prop to be publicly displayed to prove that gay families are just like heterosexual ones. While I do not believe all gays would be de facto bad parents, I know that the gay community has never in my lifetime put children first as anything other than a piece of property, a past mistake, or a political tool to be dressed up and taken out as part of a dog-and-pony show to impress the well-meaning.”

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