Kidnapped Children


by Victoria Jackson

It physically hurts me to write this story, but when I saw the Glenn Beck video on this, I had to do something. Children are kidnapped and forced into sex slavery. Human trafficking. This is an evil that I can’t comprehend. We don’t want to think about it. But, there is evil in the world and we can’t help the innocent victims until we acknowledge the fact that this is happening, it is real. You must see this video, watch Glenn Beck tell this story, this powerful true story about a 5 year old boy and his sister. And, here is the group that rescued them, an organization of heroes. Operation Underground Railroad. Let’s take the love and power of the Holy Spirit and face the evil, and defeat it.


Two million children are trapped in slavery. Phoenix, AZ is “kidnap capital” of the world. OH is distribution point. Missing children.


“Police believe they have smashed what could be Britain’s biggest child-sex ring.
Six men have been arrested so far and officers have identified almost 50 alleged victims of rape, abuse and sex slavery aged as young as 12.”
Story here.

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