Keystone Pipeline Provides Trump With Yet Another Victory


President Donald Trump has been a machine when it comes to bringing prosperity back to our great nation, and the Keystone XL pipeline is proving to be yet another example of his efficiency.

The pipeline itself represents the ingenuity and industrious spirit of the American people.  As the U.S. continues to show the world that they are true captains of industry, we are making massive technological moves to redistribute our resources.  Think of the entire project as the natural resources version of Manifest Destiny:  Americans need what the pipeline provides, so we are undertaking enormous, continent spanning work to make that happen.

Not only does the mere act of envisioning and installing a project of this size provide us with a great sense of civic pride, new details about the exact nature of the pipeline are providing us with yet another example of the so-called “Trump Effect”.

“The company behind the contentious Keystone XL Pipeline will purchase an extra 200 miles of U.S.-made steel to complete the recently approved oil project.

“’As a result, we require 200 miles of pipe for KXL’ from U.S. manufacturers, TransCanada spokesman Terry Cunha told reporters Monday. He was referring to the Canadian company’s decision to shift steel pipe originally meant for the Keystone to another project after the Obama administration rejected it in 2015.

“TransCanada had originally planned to use U.S. steel to build 50 percent of the Keystone. The additional steel pipe will up that percentage, Cunha said.”

This was no coincidence, either.  President Trump has made it extremely clear to the captains of American industry that he would like for any and all projects to fall under consideration for using American-made materials first and foremost.  The addition of this steel to the Keystone Pipeline fits very nicely within those wishes.

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