Key to Understanding Liberals: What Makes Them Tick


by Rick David

This isn’t about what ticks off liberals, although it may be loosely related. What ticks liberals off is conservatives, especially Christians, expressing an opinion or position which differs from the accepted liberal position. We’re supposed to keep quiet. Why? I think my hypothesis about what motivates liberals will also explain why they think that conservatives should just “shut up.”

For the past 17 years, my wife and I have lived in Iowa City, Iowa, a Midwest Mecca of liberalism. For those of you who have never been to this part of fly over territory, Iowa City is home to the University of Iowa, a Big Ten state university. The mayor is a card carrying communist. The town is a “nuclear free” zone, but surprisingly, the University Hospital gets away with dumping nuclear waste down the drain that flows into the river. How hypocritical! There are “poor” Mexicans and Asians that actually eat the fish out of that river.

Iowa City hasn’t had a conservative congressman in decades. In the 90’s we had a Republican named Jim Leach who usually voted with the Democrats and like John McCain was a vocal critic of the Republican Party. I don’t believe that our district has had a conservative state representative in generations. It’s a Democrat stronghold that voted overwhelmingly for Obama, Kerry and Gore. Our Congressman now is Dave Loebsack, who was a political science professor at Cornell College (the little one from nearby Iowa City, not the big university in Ithaca, NY).

I once worked at Pearson (another liberal bastion) with a campaign worker of Loebsack’s who was one of his students and an outspoken communist who also served as the local Occupy Iowa City organizer. He was adept at “organizing” Iowa City’s burgeoning homeless population, who would forage through the tents of liberal students attending class during the day.

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