Kerry the Anti-Military Clown


Secretary of State Kerry: You have the reputation of being a “flip-flopper,” but I feel that is inaccurate: You’ve been consistently anti-troops, anti-military, anti-American, anti-war and anti-mission your entire adult life.

John Kerry served four months in Vietnam, but it was of sufficient length for a number of people who served alongside him to collectively battle against his run for the presidency, saying he was unfit to hold high office based on that experience.

Since then, Kerry has managed the following:

Insulted, smeared and defamed his fellow soldiers and veterans of war

Applied for his own purple hearts, a la Major Frank Burns – despite never having spent a single day in the hospital for his “injuries.”

Amassed one of the most anti-military voting records in Congress

Voted for the War in Iraq, but against equipping our fighting forces with the necessary means to win that war

Claimed you voted both ways

Sen. John Kerry, with the Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega — a fanatical Marxist-Leninist.

Sen. John Kerry, with the Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega — a fanatical Marxist-Leninist.

Called a Secret Serviceman whose duty it is to protect Kerry’s life, a “son of a bitch” after they collided on the ski slopes.

Voted against funding for the lion’s share of technology and equipment which has made our military the most advanced fighting force in the world – including the Bradley Fighting vehicle, and the Stealth Bomber – weapons giving the U.S. a decisive edge in battle.

Befriended the most traitorous American since World War II, protested alongside her and never sufficiently denounced her consorting with our Communist enemies.

“If you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq…” – John Kerry

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