Kermit Gosnell Movie: Did Kickstarter Try to Censor The Project?


by Spencer Brown

Crowd funding site Kickstarter is in hot water as allegations and condemnations fly regarding censorship of a project to fund a true-crime TV movie on Kermit Gosnell’s horrific crimes. The filmmakers say they were censored for the sake of “community guidelines,” and so took their project to competing funding site Indiegogo*, where they’ve raised more than $300,000.

Kickstarter is known in the world of fundraising and start-ups as one of the best ways to generate money for starting sometimes outlandish projects. It gives inventors, filmmakers, authors, essentially anyone an avenue to raise funds from people around the world. Supporters are rewarded with “perks,” which are usually souvenirs or commemorative items from the project. It’s a great example of the free market working to allow individuals to fund projects they see as valuable. Until recently, Kickstarter was seen as the Cadillac of crowd funding sites, with major projects being funded for sometimes millions of dollars. But its rather sterling track record came into question recently, over a project proposal from some conservative filmmakers.

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