Keep Your Promise: Why Obamacare Will Define the GOP


Guest post by Gregory Tapis

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After much anticipation, polls, and efforts convincing voters to “Vote Republican,” the GOP has achieved its long awaited “Victory.” The “Victory” was decisive. While the majority of messaging from the GOP lacked substance and was essentially, “Drink Coke. We are not Pepsi” marketing, the Republican Party did run heavily on the perils of Obamacare, and even stated it is on the ballot. For example, take a look at following image posted by the GOP on social media:


While this is one policy I am glad the Republican Party was able to convince voters is hurting their bank accounts, I fear this issue may cost Republicans the White House in 2016. After all, this is a promise the Republicans made to all voters who listened to their message and chose to vote Republican, including myself. The American people have spoken and now it is time for Republicans to deliver and use every power available to do so.

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