Katee Sackhoff: Unfollowing #Partisan Celebs and Outlawing Accidents


On Monday, “Battlestar Galactica” actress, Katee Sackhoff tweeted something oh-so-controversial resulting in the loss of HALF of her twitter following. So, are you ready for this? This big, bad controversial statement?

In light of a devastating news report of a four-year-old who accidentally shot and killed his father, Sackhoff tweeted the following:

“Please practice gun safety. This is horrible! RT @CNN: Arizona police: 4-year-old boy fatally shoots his father.”

That was all. She wasn’t even overtly pro-gun. She wasn’t insensitive to the devastating loss. She was simply promoting safety!

I actually completely understand the reasoning behind unfollowing someone who is twitter touting their opposing stance. If I followed a celebrity on twitter who started tweeting about a “woman’s right to choose,” I would likely be disgusted and unfollow said celeb. And I’d have every right to. But, Sackhoff wasn’t tweeting about gun rights. She wasn’t wagging her finger or exploiting the mourning family.

She was simply promoting safety. And, as horrible as this situation is, I don’t see how gun control would help anything, because it was an accident.

An accident is running into a tree, or slipping on a mopped floor, or falling into a sink hole, or getting struck with lightning. They are unpreventable – and even if you outlawed “walking on sidewalks” people would still die bizzare, horrible, accidental deaths. Even if the government forbid humans from going outside, for safety from natural disasters, they’d find ways to fall and hit their heads, or get electrocuted, or get cut by a broken dish.

I think that most all gun control advocates mean well, the same way Sackhoff did. I just think their view and solution is unrealistic…idealistic. Steven Curtis Chapman lost his three-year-old daughter a few years ago in a horrible tragedy where one of his older children accidentally ran the child over, backing out of the driveway. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about that.

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