Justin Timberlake is Exceptional…and That’s a Good Thing


Not many can argue that Justin Timberlake might be the perfect modern-day example of a performer that trumps the gold standard. Sunday night’s VMA’s gave him an almost 20-minute slot to perform – knowing full well that every Gen-Y American (as well as their moms, dads, and little sisters) would be holding their breath and reliving their youth as he so effortlessly slid across the stage – every calculated move executed perfectly – with the right mix of purposefulness and casualness. His vocal range is insane, and somehow he can go 20-minutes singing and dancing like a friggin’ Energizer bunny.

As if his larger than life performance of his past hits wasn’t impressive enough, he brought back the whole NSYNC clan for a “Bye Bye Bye” reunion. Incredible.

Even pop-haters can’t dis the guy, because he’s just…too exceptional.


In today’s overwhelmingly liberal culture, conservatives get a lot of stank eye for clinging to the concept of “American Exceptionalism.” Conservatives like Marco Rubio will deliver speeches about this “city upon a hill” that we have a responsibility to preserve as the beacon of freedom and prosperity. Then, you have liberals like our President and his trusty followers who convey the message that exceptionalism equals snobbery and class warfare. The liberal claims intentions to give every man equal opportunity.

No surprises there. But, what’s funny to me is that liberals love all things exceptional when it comes to their celebrities.

We live in a confusing culture – where we reward exceptional celebrities, but we punish exceptional students. Just last week, in the news, there was an uproar over that librarian who wanted to ban the reading champ for winning too much.

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