Justice Scalia Says Supreme Court Responsible for ‘Destruction of Our Democratic System’


When our Founding Fathers wrote the US Constitution and established the three separate branches of government, they believed it would insure the survival of the newly formed republic. Most of the power of the federal government was placed in the hands of Congress which was supposed to represent and do the will of the people. Second in power was the executive branch where the office of president would have limited powers to prevent the formation of a dictatorship. The least powerful of the three branches was the judicial branch whose sole purpose was to make sure that the Constitution was legally observed.

In today’s America, Congress no longer represents and does the will of the people and has become the least in power. The executive and judicial branches have both assumed far more power than the Constitution allows and in many ways both have become dictatorial. The judiciary in America, including the Supreme Court, no longer base their rulings on the Constitution. Many of the decisions handed down these days are based more on their personal agendas rather than on actual law.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia agrees. Last week, he was speaking to law students at Santa Clara University in the San Jose suburb. He shared his criticism of the Supreme Court stating that the court has been a liberal court ever since he was sworn in.
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