‘Justice or Else’: Million Scum March Helps to Ramp Up Racial Tensions


One of the international news agencies that covered this past weekend’s Million Man March anniversary commemoration was the Agence France-Presse, which carried an article with the title “Black Americans Gather on 20th Anniversary of ‘Million Man March.’”

What they missed – or intended to miss, I’m not quite sure, and it’s not terribly relevant – was that this gathering wasn’t representative of Black Americans at all. It was a million scum who happened to be black, listening to the racist, anti-American, and generally subversive rants of black nationalists, Islamists, and communists.

Of course, there is nothing with which Nation of Islam cult leader Louis Farrakhan associates himself that can ever be considered legitimate, benevolent, or constructive. Farrakhan organized both the original 1995 march (which, in fairness, boasted markedly less scum) and this year’s “Justice or Else” gathering.

But Justice or Else? No mistaking what that means…
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